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Sew Easy Tail Bag

Tail bags keep a horse's tail clean while helping to preserve the hair. There are quite a few sites on the Internet that tell you how to sew your own, but we thought you might like having an actual pattern. So we're offering a free downloadable version, including instructions, for a simple tail bag: Click here to get Pattern 9100D

If you've never used a downloadable pattern before, you need Adobe Reader, which most of you probably already have on your computers. If not, you can get it here:

Once the tail bag pattern is open in Adobe Reader, you can print it on regular 8 1/2" by 11" paper. But before printing the entire pattern, it is VERY IMPORTANT to make sure that you've selected "Actual size" in your printer settings. You can test this by printing Page 2 which has a 3" by 3" test square. If your test square doesn't measure 3" by 3" as shown, your setting is incorrect. I was in too much of a hurry with the first downloadable pattern I tried and didn't check the setting. Of course it was wrong and I wasted 19 sheets of paper.

Once all of the pages are printed, cut the lines with the diamonds and tape together. It actually works best if you cut only one line of each pair and overlap. You are then ready to cut out the tie bag piece on the crosswise fold of the fabric.

Fold with right sides together and stitch or serge:

If you don't have a serger, stitch at 1/4" with a very narrow zigzag and then again in the seam allowance with a larger zigzag:

Turn right side out and your tail bag is now finished and ready to use.

Now, how do you use the bag? This video shows you how . How to put on a tail bag

And if you'd like to sew a three tube tail bag, see these tutorials:

Make your own 3-tube

Using and sewing tail bags

Lycra fabrics come in many different colors and prints- have fun choosing just the right one for your horse. And if you're making your horse stretch sheet, body cover, or stretch hood, be sure to get a little extra fabric to make a matching tail bag.