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Medieval Horse Costume Pattern (With Breeching)
Medieval Horse Costume Pattern (With Breeching)


Product Code: 9460

Description Fitting, fabric yardage, and notions
#9460: This costume pattern consists of a saddle blanket and breeching (rump straps), a chest piece, and rein covers. Three different trim options are given: a plain edge, a narrow scallop edge, and a wide scallop edge. The saddle blanket goes over the saddle pad and under the saddle, with the breeching attached to the rear edge. The chest piece ties to the D-rings on the saddle. The rein covers slip over the reins. The costume is not meant to be used for vigorous or heavy-duty riding, such as jousting, nor is it necessarily historically accurate or authentic. The pattern can be a starting point for such uses, but the modifications then required are the responsibility of the costume maker.

The saddle blanket/breeching fits horses with topline measurements up to 60". Adjustments might have to be made for smaller horses. The chest piece comes in one size only and will also need to be reduced in size for smaller horses and ponies.

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Photo(s) of sewn item
Riley's costume is made from bright blue and black medium weight denim fabrics and shows the wide scallop edge version. The rear view shows how the breeching straps were fitted to lie nicely on Riley's hindquarters.

Zeledon is wearing a trial costume with narrow scallop trim that is not exactly like the finished pattern. It is made from red cotton duck and gold pleather, but the colors are used differently than in the pattern.